When I started this blog, it consisted of videos, photographs, and a few excerpts from a book that I had been working on about my search to uncover my grandparents' Holocaust stories. Those few posts and many other stories are now part of my memoir, A World Erased: A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets. The Philadelphia Inquirer included my book on its list for best books of the year and Booklist called A World Erased "a vital contribution to Holocaust collections."

Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope you'll read the book.



Liquidation of Otwock

In this video, Grandma speaks about hiding beneath the train platform while her city, Otwock, was liquidated. Twelve thousand of the 14,000 Jews in Otwock were killed during the liquidation--some were taken to the forests and shot, most were sent to the death camp Treblinka.


Rosh Hashanah at Grandma's Apartment

Here is a link to another video of Grandma that you can view on YouTube. Grandma talks about anti-Semitism after the war and the murder of her brother. Click HERE.